"Bringing people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus"

Avalon is a great church for the whole family and no matter where you are or what's going on in your life, we know that God has a plan and purpose for you. Plan a visit and come check us out!


Sundays 9:30 & 11:00am


(770) 320-7008


1467 Highway 20 West

McDonough, GA 30253


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God does not want you to settle for average when you can become great. But becoming great is a choice. God desires that you become great for him by pursuing his purpose and vision for your life. In 2016 we are equipping you to be great by empowering you to reach and connect more people to Jesus so that your life bears much fruit and brings great glory to God.

#REACHMETRO is our theme and vision at Avalon Church for 2016. Our driving purpose is to reach and connect more people in our metro area than ever before. Reaching people is plural and personal. It is many and one. We must reach people as a team but everyone must reach someone. When many of us invite people from our neighborhoods, work, schools, families, and recreational activities we become one powerful force for change in our culture. Simply put, we #REACHMETRO for Jesus.

It is easy to invite somebody on social media as well. Using #REACHMETRO will strengthen our brand and empower our outreach. Use the hashtag for everything you do to reach and connect people. Take pictures at work, at home, and at play and post them to share the story of how you are using your everyday life to #REACHMETRO for Jesus.

Don’t settle for average. Become great for Jesus this year. Let’s #REACHMETRO together!

Ritchie Miller

Avalon Church


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Avalon Students is for anyone in 6th thru 12th grade. They meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm here at the church. Avalon Students is all about helping your teen grow in their faith and make an impact on this world for Jesus.


Every Sunday morning Avalon kids has an amazing service designed specifically for your child's age group. Whether they're just learning to walk or already in school, they will learn about Jesus in a fun, clean and safe environment.

Our Core Values

Your Next Step is the Most Important Step

Growth and change are a natural part of life and it's the same with your faith. We believe that if you're not taking your next step then you aren't growing and you're missing out on all that God has for you.

Participation is Membership

People often ask how to become a member of Avalon Church. We don't have traditional church membership, no votes or anything like that. So being a "member" of Avalon means you are participating. It's just that easy. Participation in giving, serving, small groups and owning the vision and making it a part of your life. 

Generous People are Happy People

We've all heard it said that it's better to give than receive. We believe that it's better to live opened handed lives that can receive God's blessings.

We're Better Together

No one was meant to live life alone. Being in a community of people that will support you, pray for you and love you is vital to the Christian life. Small groups and serving aren't just things we DO, it's core to who we ARE.

Inviting is Evangelism

A lot of times the term "Evangelism" can be daunting, especially if you don't feel qualified to live up to it. For us it's simple, when we invite our friends and family to be a part of church that IS evangelism.

We Embrace the Mess

There are no perfect people at Avalon Church and we could not be happier. When Christ changes us it's not always an overnight transformation, grace can be messy. We embrace the mess because that's what Jesus does.

Why we Give

You might expect us to say something like "it's better to give than to receive." But if we truly look at it as God would have us, it's better to give what we receive. Through God, we receive many things - our talents, finances, opportunities, possessions - and in return, He asks that we give back only a portion.

It is through this commitment that we enable more hearts to be reached, more lives to be changed, more souls to be stirred, more families to be brought together and more hope to be shared. With Him, there is as much receiving as there is giving. And we are thankful for the resources with which we are entrusted through his faithful provision to each of you.


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Absolutely. We encourage you to automate the important when it comes to your tithes, offerings, and gifts. You can also pledge to give an amount you set and track your progress each time you log in.

Yes. Avalon will be sending out quarterly giving statements for your record keeping. If something you've given is not on your giving report, please contact us immediately. Remember that all your giving is tax-deductable.

This is no problem at all. You'll need to log in to your account and update your debit and credit card information as well as any account information you've added to your account for bank drafts.

You'd be amazed how simple making these types of adjustments are. You can log in anytime and edit any of your automated tithes, gifts, and offerings.

Simple - ASK FOR IT! If you need help setting something up, or have a question that isn't answered here, just give us a call at 770-320-7008. We'll get you the answers you need.

You sure can. You can set up either at your convenience. You can also set up a draft directly from your account, similar to any online bill-pay setups you currently have. Remember, we can't see your account information, nor can we access your finances. This is only something you can do.

Yes, though we're sure you won't be able to stop! You can visit the site, create a new profile, and give once all in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely not, there are no fees associated with giving online.

If you are having any issues with the form above, please click this button to take you to our Securegive webpage.


Your next step is the most important step


We believe that developing a growing relationship with God is what each one of us is made for. At Avalon, we believe that taking your next step is how you grow closer to God and we want to help you take your next step, whatever that is. 

You can choose from the list here or contact us at info@avalonchurch.net to find out how you can take your next step and we'll follow up with you to help you do that.


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Avalon HOPE is the evangelism and outreach ministry of Avalon Church. A portion of our weekly giving funds our effort to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus around the world. Our strategy consists of helping the poor, outreach to the community, planting churches, and evangelism around the world. We believe that Jesus has called us to love people around us and to bring them the Good News of the gospel.

Helping The Poor – Avalon Church helped build and is a major sponsor of Indawo Yethemba in South Africa. Dr. Bob and Joanna Graham founded and lead this children’s village that rescues and raises children whose parents died of HIV related disease. Learn more about Indawo Yethemba by clicking the button below.

Planting Churches – Avalon Church has financially supported and helped start churches in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Michigan, South Africa, The Netherlands, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Ecuador. You can learn more about our partner church in Ecuador by clicking the button below.

Outreach To The Community – Avalon Church hosts events each year that focus on reaching those in need in our own community. We call these "Serve Days". During these days, our congregation serves people “In Jesus’ Name.” These events focus on meeting needs in a variety of forms, but most often center on helping struggling families and children.

Evangelism Around The World – Avalon Church places a high value on evangelism locally and around the world. We regularly design church events to help you reach people for Jesus. You may also go on a short-term missions trip with an Avalon Team. These trips are scheduled periodically and are designed to help you minister to the missionary in a way that empowers them to reach their community.