God does not want you to settle for average when you can become great. But becoming great is a choice. God desires that you become great for him by pursuing his purpose and vision for your life. In 2016 we are equipping you to be great by empowering you to reach and connect more people to Jesus so that your life bears much fruit and brings great glory to God.

#REACHMETRO is our theme and vision at Avalon Church for 2016. Our driving purpose is to reach and connect more people in our metro area than ever before. Reaching people is plural and personal. It is many and one. We must reach people as a team but everyone must reach someone. When many of us invite people from our neighborhoods, work, schools, families, and recreational activities we become one powerful force for change in our culture. Simply put, we #REACHMETRO for Jesus.

It is easy to invite somebody on social media as well. Using #REACHMETRO will strengthen our brand and empower our outreach. Use the hashtag for everything you do to reach and connect people. Take pictures at work, at home, and at play and post them to share the story of how you are using your everyday life to #REACHMETRO for Jesus.

Don’t settle for average. Become great for Jesus this year. Let’s #REACHMETRO together!

Ritchie Miller

Avalon Church


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