Avalon 365


Avalon 365

Lots of people follow Jesus on Sundays. They smile, sing, clap their hands, and congratulate the preacher on another fine sermon. But as soon as they leave the church parking lot they take off the church mask. In Acts 2:47 the Bible says, “Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved.” People came to Jesus every day in the early church. Every day! What kind of Christianity so completely fills a person’s life that it is an every day thing? God wants you to experience this kind of Christianity. It is not just a Sunday thing it is an every day thing! He wants you to live with purpose and passion. He wants you to experience the miraculous. He wants you to connect and serve and live generously. He has a vision for your life and his church.

Be One Reach One

This year we want to be that kind of church. We want you to be that kind of Christian. Would you like to Be One of who lives a dynamic Christian life every day? You can be by joining us at Avalon Church. Every Sunday we offer Next Step Classes every other month after 2nd service. You can connect with us and Be One.

How do you know if you are living it? In the early church they reached people every day. Set your goal and pray for God to help you Reach One this year. You can do it! You can be a part of a movement that makes a real difference.

Join us at Avalon Church and be a part of the movement! Be One Reach One. Avalon 365. We want to live it every day. Come find out what all the excitement is about!


Pastor Ritchie