Your next step is the most important step

At Avalon Church we believe that your faith journey is more than a one-time decision. Receiving Christ is just the first step. We believe every person must be in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why we say your next step is your most important step. Constantly taking your next step is how you grow closer to God. 

Every other month, we have our Next Step Class after our 11:15AM service. There are four different sections that will teach you some fundamental steps for your Christian growth. If you are new to faith or to Avalon Church, then this is where you start. These classes will equip you to grow closer to God, to read the Bible and pray more effectively, to connect with people in a meaningful way at church, to make friends, to use your gifts to serve God by serving others, to manage your finances in a way that God blesses, and to invite others to experience Jesus in their lives. 

If you wish to become a covenant member of Avalon, then you will need to take each of these classes. The classes are taught in a small group environment. They are not intimidating at all and are designed to feel like sitting around a table and talking with friends.


If you want to learn more about Avalon Church, if you have questions, if you want to become a member, or if you just want to learn how to grow closer to Jesus, simply fill out the Next Step form and someone will contact you about the Next Step Classes. Why not start this Sunday!

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