One Church sundays

Sunday, March 31st 10_30 AM (1).png

The vision behind one church sundays

One Church Sundays are when we combine for one main service at 10:30 rather than our normal service times of 9:30 and 11:15. We plan these services for holiday weekends and other special times like Spring Break. Normally, there are many people out of town or on vacation on these weekends and it allows us to give our volunteers a break, increase morale, and increase the energy in the service by having a full auditorium.

 We are very thankful for all of our volunteers and we know that we can’t do what we do without you! Occasionally, (not every time but on specially selected weekends) we will have 1st – 5th grades and middle schoolers in the service as well during a One Church Sunday. In addition to giving the volunteers a rest, it also allows our children to experience a regular service and sit with their families. I believe this is very important in developing our children. It helps them experience our worship and hear from me as their pastor. It also creates moments for families to bond together over worship and the Word of God. We plan these experiences intentionally and I believe they are vital for the overall spiritual development of families.