Taking ground is a metaphor for success, conquering our foes, taking new territory and winning. We all want to take ground in life. But did you know that God wants you to take ground in your life spiritually? When we take ground in faith, it opens the windows of heaven and pours out incredible blessings on us. 

We want you to take ground by growing in faith, by learning to let go of worry and stress, by living the “let-go” life, and by learning what it means to rest in God’s grace. This year I want to teach you how to rest in God’s grace for everything in your life. By learning this, you will take new ground in your relationship with Jesus, in prayer, in your finances, in your relationships with your spouse, children, and friends, in your health, in reaching people for Christ, and in overcoming the sins, habits, hurts, and hang-ups that hold you back. Taking ground does not always come immediately. It takes time, persistence, and faith. I believe this year we will take ground as a church and see God move! I believe that we will see Jesus more! When we do that, we will live out God’s definition of success and will prosper God’s way.


Let’s take new ground together!