Four Barriers To Fulfilling Your Destiny

I truly believe God has a purpose, a mission, a calling for every person. You are not an accident. Your parents may not have planned you but God did. His plan for your life is your ultimate destiny. When you are aligned with God’s purpose and prepare to live out his plan for your life it allows you to live in the sweet spot of your life’s mission. Your dreams and goals become the path of your pursuit of God.

But have you ever found yourself derailed? Do you ever feel like your life has lost traction and that you are drifting rather than fulfilling your God-given destiny? I have felt that and I am sure you have too. I have found four common barriers that can derail the pursuit of my destiny.



We all face discouragement from time to time. It is no sin to get discouraged when you are tired, over-worked, or stressed. I believe it is, however, a sin to stay discouraged. Of course I am not referring to those who have a chemical imbalance, mental disease, or disorder. I believe in counseling and appropriate medication when needed. But there is a greater power available to Christians. We have the living Christ. Christ-followers have the Holy Spirit living in us. We have the Bible – the Word of God – available to us. We have the church that God designed to encourage us. When we get discouraged we have the tools available to us to overcome the weapon of discouragement. The Bible tells us that King David “encouraged himself in the Lord.”

God promised us “no weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Through the church, the Bible, and the power of prayer I can overcome this weapon with the help of Jesus. If I continue in my discouragement I will soon find my destiny derailed.



The enemy uses doubt as a powerful weapon against us. He used it in the Garden of Eden and he still uses it today. But God gives us a more powerful faith when we turn to him for help. It is easy to doubt God’s gifting, filling, and calling. But when we ask God for the help to believe his promises and regularly remind ourselves of these promises we walk in God’s anointing. He gives us the power to live for him and believe rather than doubt. I often find myself needing to pray the prayer of the man who came to Jesus and said, “Lord, I believe. You help my unbelief.”



A clever and crafty tool the enemy uses against us is distraction. When I lose focus on the mission I easily drift from fulfilling my destiny. Distraction often comes from an undisciplined schedule. We get so busy doing good things that we miss the best things. I must regularly check my schedule and ask some hard questions. Does this fit the vision? Is this a good thing or the best thing? Is what I have committed to doing taking toward or away from my mission? Have I prioritized the most important things first? Am I willing to say no to the things that rob me of my destiny?



Avoiding deception requires that I consistently pray and seek God by reading the Bible. Truth is paramount to a Christ-follower. The truth of the gospel, the truth of the Word of God, and the truth of my calling and purpose need to be prioritized in my life. Some struggle with deception concerning Christian doctrine and practice. Others struggle with discerning God’s direction. Avoiding deception in fulfilling God’s mission and vision for your life and ministry is critical for reaching your God-given destiny. Stay true to the vision! God has a destiny for your life.

What barriers have you experienced that have the potential to derail your destiny? I would like to hear what you think.