How To Disconnect From Technology And Connect With God

There are many blessings to all of our modern technology. I happen to like air conditioning, plane travel, satellite television, and the Internet. It sure beats walking everywhere and sleeping in the woods. But on the flip side there are curses that go along with technology. We are always connected. Every minute is filled with Facebook, cell phones, texting, music, and taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I wonder how we ever made it before you were able to post a low quality picture of what you ate for lunch?

There are most likely many problems associated with technology. I will only focus on one. We are so connected that we are actually disconnected from peace, stillness, and silence. These elements are necessary to connect with God.

Psalm 46 is dedicated to “The Sons Of Korah.” Evidently they were a special group of singers among the ancient Israelites. Their job was to connect us with God through song. The Psalm speaks of being connected to God, of his majesty, and our worship of him. In verse 10 it states, “Be still and know that I am God…”

Evidently being still is an important aspect of knowing God. In order to know and worship him better and experience his power and presence we must take time to be still. So what does it mean to be still?

Being still means focusing.

Before you read the Bible and pray you must take a moment to focus your attention on God and ask for him to speak to you. This means you must take the time to disconnect from all of your technology and take a moment to prepare your mind.

Being still means worshiping.

The most common word for worship in the Bible is a combination of two words meaning, “To kiss towards.” That is what you did to royalty in ancient times. It showed your submission, loyal service, approval, and undying love and commitment. If we are to have that kind of experience with God we must disconnect in order to connect with God.

Being still means acquiring a peaceful demeanor.

I personally enjoy observing nature. It brings such peacefulness to my heart and mind. It reminds me that God is the Creator and he is in control. In the wild hustle and bustle of our days we must take time regularly to still our minds and experience God’s peace. This is a great cure for worry!

Being still involves stilling your mind.

You can only quiet your mind as you turn off technology and begin to focus on God. Being still enables you to think, muse, reflect, and meditate on God.

Being still means standing firm and being strong.

I was actually kind of surprised when I learned that being still was not always about simply sitting but about being strong. It means that you stand firm in your faith. It means that you are strong in your belief about God. It is really helpful to know this when you experience difficulty or stress. God wants you to be still and stand strong in believing that he will come through for you.

Being still takes practice. You may fidget at first. You mind may start to wander but don’t give up on learning to practice being still before God. Disconnect from all that distracts and connect with God. It is a life changing practice. It is a necessary tool to get to know God better.