Believing Is The Key To A Breakthrough


It is easy to say that you believe God is in control but not everybody lives like God it. God is not broke! He knows your needs and He has the resources to meet your needs. We must believe in Him to experience his power and experience a breakthrough in 2015.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matt. 21:22

            Faith is the key to achieving anything in the Christian life. Without faith it is impossible to please God.  You must have faith to receive Christ as Savior. Most Christians get that. But many Christians let their faith end in its infancy. God has the power to save you AND to answer your prayers.

            Jesus boldly told us that believing is essential to answered prayer. How many times have we prayed for something but really did not think God would answer our prayer? When we pray according to God’s will and believe that his promises are true he will answer our prayers. Believing is the key! We know it is God’s will to save people, to grow his church, to empower our lives to live for him, and to bless us. God is great and he loves us. God does not answer selfish, narrow-minded, or self-centered prayers that are for our “greeds” instead of our “needs.” If you pray for God to kill your neighbors dog because he barks too much that is probably not in his will. But he answers the prayers of those who believe Him. 

            I read about a group of farmers from the 1800’s who were experiencing a severe drought. They agreed that they would meet at the church to pray for rain. One of the farmers stripped his saddle from his horse and put it away before he went into the old church building. When asked why he took his saddle inside he replied, “I thought we came here to pray for rain!” God loves it when we believe Him!

Pray that God will help you believe His promises and obey His commands about your finances, your family, and his church. Your faith will lead to a breakthrough in 2015!