Pastor Ritchie’s News Update

Best Life Banner.jpg

The Best Life 5000 sermon series has been a blessing to many people so far. God is doing a work at Avalon Church and I am so excited about this new series we are in. Lives are being changed!

The Best Life 5000 is a humorous take on how your enemy will lie to you about all the things that promise happiness but don’t deliver. Like an infomercial, he tries to convince you that taking a pill, buying a product, or following a program will give you the best life ever. But we know that only Jesus can give you real meaning in life. If you have missed any of the hilarious videos, then check them out on our Facebook page. If you have missed any of the sermons you can check them out on our website or iTunes.

On January 18th I will speak about three priorities that will change your family life forever. Invite a friend and ask God to prepare your heart to receive these biblical truths that will transform your family life.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday

Pastor Ritchie