How To Bear Fruit As A Christian



Jesus said that the Father is glorified when we bear much fruit. Fruit bearing is as much a part of the Christian life as breathing is to the natural life. What does it mean to bear fruit?

One way we bear fruit is to help bring people to Christ. On Sunday, January 25th, we have a wonderful opportunity for you to bring someone who doesn’t know Jesus to hear about the Good News of the gospel. Inviting is evangelism! When you invite people to come and hear, they get saved.

This past week I talked to a man who received Christ at the end of one of our services. He was so happy and was excited to learn that he could get baptized in a couple of weeks. In fact, he and his son both plan to follow Christ in baptism. He got saved because someone invited him. Someone bore fruit and glorified God because they invited him to church.

I hope you will join me in praying for many to be saved on January 25th. Invite someone to come with you. You will experience joy like never before when someone you love and have prayed for gets saved!

Pastor Ritchie