Is Pleasure A Sin?

Real pleasure is only something that can be created by God. All the so-called “pleasure” that the devil offers is merely a counterfeit, cheap knock-off of what God intended for us. Pleasure and beauty are from God. That does not mean that all pursuit of pleasure is from God or pleasing to God. If a person pursues the counterfeit pleasure offered by Satan they will find in the end that it is not pleasurable at all.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desires. Psalm 37:4

The true desires of your heart reveal your true identity. God tells us to take delight in theLord. We are to pursue real pleasure in Him.

How do you delight in the Lord? Pursue God and the things of God. Take delight in the Bible. When I read the Bible I am taking delight in Him. Love what God loves. God loves people. God loves it when we obey Him. God loves it when we trust Him. God loves it when we depend totally on Him. God loves it when we admit that we can’t live the Christian life without Him. Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing.” But God also gives us natural desires that are rooted in him. We are to enjoy beauty and pleasure. We are to enjoy marriage and sex. We are to enjoy food and family. All things rooted in worship and obedience are given by God for our enjoyment. Enjoying life is a part of resting in Jesus. When I worship in this way my life is richly blessed.