Money, Worship, And Happiness


You cannot serve both God and Money. Luke 16:13b

The contrast that Jesus made here was a contrast of two kinds of hearts. The word “Money” is translated as the word “Mammon” in some older translations. What it was referring to was the ancient god of wealth. People trusted Mammon for significance, power, purpose, provision, and happiness. Jesus was saying you can’t serve The LORD God Jehovah and the materialistic gods of this world at the same time.

It was a contrast of the heart that trusted God for significance, supply, happiness, and purpose and the heart that trusted in money for those things. Money and material things will always tempt us to trust in them for the things that are reserved only for God to give.

“You cannot serve both God and Money” was simply a test of the heart. It does not mean that money is wrong. It is just wrong for your heart to trust in wealth rather than God. Where does your trust lie today?

Prayer: God, let me trust in YOU for significance, provision, happiness, and meaning in life.