You Can't Seesaw Alone

You just can’t seesaw alone. Have you ever tried it? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t do it. You need a teammate to enjoy the seesaw. The truth is you were never meant to play alone anyway. So why do so many people try to seesaw through the Christian life without the joy of someone sitting on the other end? Why do so many Christians think that they can live an effective Christian life without the church? It is like trying to seesaw alone.

There is no organism in this world more powerful than the church when it is functioning the way Jesus intended. The church is an organism more than an organization. It is organized but it is alive. It is meant to be growing and healthy and full of life and love. The church has the greatest message of hope in the world and the only message that can save people and put them in right standing with God. In a very real sense the church is the hope of the world because the church has been tasked with bringing the message of the Good News of Jesus to the world.

But let’s not think that evangelism is the only purpose of the church. That is a grand and noble purpose but it is only a step in the process. God uses the church to complete what he began in you at the moment of your salvation. God does not save you then leave you to figure it out all on your own. He wants you to grow in the same way that a child grows – in a family. Simply put, your spiritual growth and faith journey can’t be complete without the church. When you serve, fellowship, and give in community with a group of other believers you are involved in the process of spiritual growth and sanctification. This is why we say at Avalon Church that our vision is to bring people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus. We want to reach as many people as possible no matter where they are spiritually or where they are on the planet. We tear down walls so that we can bring people to Jesus. It is OK not to be OK but it is important that we help you move on from there. But that is only the beginning. We want everyone to be in a growing relationship with Jesus. So if you are new believer and you next step is baptism or if you have been a follower of Jesus for 40 years you must continue to grow and take your next step.

The way to do this effectively is in the community of believers that God designed for your growth, benefit, connection, and health – the church. You can’t seesaw alone! Join the team. Get involved. Serve. Before you know it you will be healthier, happier, and more aware of God’s blessings in your life than you ever have before. God is inviting you to join Him on His playground. You can find joy here. But you can’t seesaw alone!