The Power of the Personal Invitation

One of the value statements of Avalon Church is “inviting is evangelism.” This past weekend demonstrated to me just how important this value is. Let me tell you the story.

One of our members invited her boss to attend our church. The woman she invited had not been to church in many years. She had a bad experience in church years earlier that jaded her. She did not come on the first invitation but that did not stop our church member from inviting her. She kept lovingly encouraging this woman to come to Avalon. She assured her that not all churches and not all Christians are the same. Finally, after a few months of inviting her, she visited Avalon. God really spoke to this woman and she was very encouraged. After coming to our church for a couple of months she filled out a next step card. I gave her a call, like I do for all those who fill out the Next Step Card for the first time. She told me that she had to admit that not all churches or Christians were the same and that she had been incredibly blessed by coming to Avalon. She told me that she had decided to recommit her life to Jesus and that she felt like Avalon Church was now her home. I invited her to attend Lunch With The Pastor and she came. Not only did she come but she also invited her daughter and granddaughter to attend with her. After Lunch With The Pastor I was able to lead her 11 year-old granddaughter daughter to Christ and she signed up to be baptized this coming weekend. Inviting is evangelism! If you invite people they will come and people will get saved!

Studies show that the personal invitation is still the most effective way to reach people. If you invite people they will come to church with you. I have witnessed this time after time. They won’t always come at first, but eventually many – even most – of them will come. The personal invitation is statistically far superior to direct mail, Facebook ads, TV ads, radio spots, billboards, and any other form of advertising. In fact, the vast majority (nearly 90%) of people who visit our church say that someone invited them.

Inviting is evangelism! Who do you plan to invite today?