Recruiting Volunteers: A Summertime Imperative

Summer time is critical for the health of any church. It is a time that you must invest in recruiting volunteers and leaders. Without a strong volunteer base you will not grow nor will you sustain growth. Here are a few tips for recruiting volunteers during the summer months.

1.     Give clear job descriptions.

One of the greatest impediments to recruiting volunteers is an unclear job description. People want to be involved but they need to know EXACTLY what it is you want them to do. If you can’t put the job description for each volunteer position on a half-sheet of paper then it is not clear and simple. Create clear bullet-points so they understand what you are asking them.

2.     Ask, Ask, Ask…then ask some more.

I don’t mean bug people to death but I do mean that you must ask personally, ask constantly, ask confidently, and ask everyone. No mass appeals from stage but personal contacts only. It will work if you ask but you must ask lots of people.

3.     Create a winning culture.

Sell the benefits of what volunteering in the ministry does for them. People love volunteering in a ministry that has a winning culture. When the win is defined, when they are given clear job descriptions, and when they are celebrated they will buy into the culture of your ministry. Make it fun!

4.     Take out the fear.

Most people can do a lot more that they think they can. They just need someone to see the hero in them. Train them. Test them so that their gifts match the job description. Give them an out so they can try it on a temporary basis. That way if it does not work they won’t feel embarrassed and quit coming to church.

5.     Don’t get discouraged.

Recruiting is a process. It takes time to develop a culture of volunteerism in your church so don’t give up. It is hard work. Not everyone sticks and not everyone will be awesome but if you stick with it you will be rewarded with great volunteers. Then your church will be healthy and you will reach more people with the gospel!