The Problem With Avalon Church

That sounds juicy doesn’t it? Like I am about to unload a tirade, pitch a fit, go negative, or give a tidbit of gossip. The problem with Avalon Church is a problem that is common to most every church. We easily lose our focus on the main thing. The Apostle Paul wrote about it, fought for it, and spent his entire ministry telling people – often forcefully – that we must keep Jesus, his mission, and his love and grace at the center of all we do. At Avalon Church – and I image most other churches – we must fight to remind ourselves to stay on the main mission of Jesus. Jesus came to save people. All kinds of people. People all over the world.

Christian churches all over the world often slip back into religion. Religion is about rules keeping, doing good, traditions, restrictions, earning God’s favor, and looking moral. That is why so many churches are viewed negatively. But that is not what Jesus is about. He came to fulfill the Law, to make things new, to buy us back, to redeem us, and to set us free. He came to do something brand new. Something the world had never seen. If your Christian experience can’t be described as an incredible freedom, a boundless love, and a realization of how amazing God’s grace is, then you probably have experienced what is wrong in most churches. You are probably living the way that the Apostle Paul warned us about. We all must guard against that kind of church and that kind of Christianity.

On the other hand, what is right about Avalon Church? We are far from perfect but I truly believe we are trying to get these things right. 

  • We believe the Bible is God-breathed and is to be taught, studied, read, believed, and obeyed.
  • We believe that what you believe about God is the most important thing about you.
  • We believe the only way of salvation and forgiveness is through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is to be the center of the Christian life and that Christians are to live out the Gospel because Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless, Son of God who purchased our freedom by His death on a cross and His resurrection from the dead.
  • We believe that every Christian is to be a part of a local church and is to attend, worship, give, and serve in love with other believers. Participation is membership. We are better together. It is not about you it is about us!
  • We believe God’s grace is amazing and that it is the only way to grow, live and be free. That is why we embrace the messiness of real people coming to Jesus, no matter where they are.
  • We believe that God’s love living through us will change the world.
  • We believe that generous people are happy people.
  • We believe spreading the Good News is the job of every church and every believer. Inviting is evangelism.
  • We believe we should take Jesus seriously and everything else not so seriously.

If we guard these things, then we will be the church God designed us to become.