Defeating Doubt In Your Dark Moments

Doubt drains your energy, saps your strength, and weakens your resolve. Doubt was a primary tool of Satan in the Garden of Eden. With a smirk he asked Eve, “Did God really say that?” Adam and Eve doubted the Word of God and trusted their own cravings to the demise of their relationship with their Creator. Death followed; spiritual death, physical death, and the death of trust and faith. But our God is greater than death because he is life and light. He defeated death, sin, and the reason for doubt through the divine work of Jesus on the cross. Because of his life we can live and love and trust.

I recently read a quote from a great pastor and Bible teacher named Warren Weirsbe. He said, “Never doubt in the darkness what God said to you in the light.” Doubt never pops up its ugly head until we need faith. The devil wields doubt like a weapon. He attacks us at our weakest point. The great Old Testament prophet Isaiah knew a thing or two about doubt. He probably struggled with it like you or I do from time to time. He wrote, “…no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed…” (Isaiah 54:17)

The Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians about how to defeat the weapons of the enemy. We must put on the whole armor of God. He was actually expanding on what Isaiah wrote about the Messiah being a mighty warrior who has a helmet of salvation, body armor of righteousness, a belt of truth, a sword of God’s Word, and shoes made of the Good News of the gospel. Putting on God’s armor is not an act of taking on each piece to defend yourself. It is an act of putting on Jesus – trusting him – so that he can defeat your enemy for you. He is stronger. He is able. He will win.

 Everyone faces doubt during times of struggle. We doubt in the darkness. But remember that Jesus is the light. He is the Mighty Warrior. He has the power and the will to conquer the enemy. In fact he already has defeated him. So the next time the devil hurls his arrows of doubt your way just get behind Jesus. He provides the shield of faith. When you do that even the greatest weapon of the enemy will have no effect because our God is a Mighty Warrior. And the devil can’t beat him!

Doubt your doubts and trust Jesus. You must choose either to believe the Father of Lies or the Truth. Defeating your paralyzing doubts depends on it.