Don’t Miss Our New Series At Avalon Church!

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday at Avalon Church. I am so pumped about this new series entitled, “God Never Said That.” I will debunk several myths that our culture attributes to God. These things sound true, but God never actually said them. When we embrace these myths our relationship with God suffers.  They can even cause great discouragement and dissatisfaction. We end up questioning God’s love, plan, and purpose for our lives.

This Sunday I will tackle the most common myth: God just wants me to be happy. God never said that! So does that mean God does not care about your happiness? Is he just the old man in the sky waiting to “smite” you when he sees you smile? Are Christians supposed to be curmudgeons? Does God want you to be unhappy? You will have to be there Sunday to find out!

I also want to thank Mike, Parker, and Craig for preaching the past few weeks at Avalon Church. You did a great job and Avalon Church is better because you are on our team. Way to go!