The Election Is Over, Now What?



You probably agree that this election cycle has been fierce. Some say that it reached a low point in American political history. Whatever your political persuasion, you probably feel like you need a shower right now. The polls have closed. The new president has been elected. It is time to move on. (I am writing this on the day of the election. I do not know who won yet.)

Now that the election is over, it is time to get back to a somewhat normal life. Perhaps we will go a few months before the media starts talking about campaign 2020. Here are a few reminders that all followers of Christ need to remember, no matter if the candidate you voted for won or not.  

1.    We are not of this world.  

It is very tempting to cast the fate of our nation on the outcome of a national vote. That is very shortsighted and earthly minded. The Bible tells us that we are citizens of another world. We are simply pilgrims passing through. This nation is not our final home. Our home is in heaven with Jesus and the Father.

Many of us get too comfortable and connected to this world. Our residence here is temporary at best. We must always remember that God is sovereign and he rules. Before we lament too much, let us remind ourselves that Jesus and the Apostles had it much worse than we ever will.

2.    The best is yet to come.

If you depend too much on a political system, you will be disappointed. Even if your political candidate won and all the things that you believe government should do were magically to happen, it would pale in comparison to what awaits believers. In fact, this flawed system is nothing compared to what God has in store for His followers. Don’t be depressed! The best is yet to come!

3.    Jesus will set everything right one day.

I long for justice and a righteous system that is unsullied and pure. Everyone does, really. No human government will ever give us what we long for. But do not worry. Jesus will put everything right one day. He will rule in perfect righteousness and justice. There will be no need to worry about bribes, unfairness, misplaced justice, or felonious and immoral politicians because Jesus will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus wins!

4.    The gospel of Christ is still the hope of the world.

The hope of the world is not found in government, religion, or religiously imposed laws. Real hope only comes through Jesus. Yet we often act as if a political party is the hope of the world. I want a perfect, beautiful, problem-free culture. So do you. One day we will get it when King Jesus rules in righteousness and sets all things back to order. But until then God has not called us to live in a sterile land filled with leprechauns and unicorns. He has called us to live three feet from the gates of hell and to attack with the only weapon capable of winning the war – the beautiful, radical, amazing love of the only One who can set us free.  So let’s get busy sharing the gospel. I’ve read the end of the book and Jesus wins!

5.    God commands that believers pray for their political leaders.

To be frank, I am amazed at the level of hatred and vitriol that spews forth from many believers toward our nation’s leaders. Just because I don’t believe in their policies or support many of their decisions does not give me a right to spew venom and hinder the cause of Christ.

In Romans 13 the Apostle Paul wrote that we are to honor and respect our political leaders. Do you know who the “king” was when he wrote that? It was the immoral and insane Nero! He martyred many Christians. Wow! If Paul could muster up respect for Nero, surely we can be respectful toward someone who happens to be from a different political party. In 1 Timothy 2 Paul also tells us to pray for our political leaders and those in high positions.

If your candidate lost the election, you can still be of good cheer. Begin praying for our new president. God tells you to do it. Pray for our nation. Pray for the spread of the gospel. Be respectful. It will all be OK because in the end, Jesus wins!