Pray For The Miracle Offering At Avalon Church



Our annual Miracle Offering will be held on December 4th this year. Save the date so you can start praying about what God wants you to give this year. You can get in on the blessing! Your giving makes such a difference. You are a partner in ministry. Every time you give, you help reach people for Jesus!

What is the Miracle Offering?

It is a special offering that is over and above your regular giving. We ask everyone to give his or her best offering of the year. Giving a special gift expresses our love and thankfulness, stretches our faith, and puts us in a position to be blessed.

Sow in faith!

A miracle is something that only God can do. We all need God to do some things in our lives that we simply can’t do ourselves. God promises to reward our faith. He blesses what we sow in faith. As you prepare to give in this year’s offering, pray and ask God to do something only he can do. It may be a lost loved one you are praying for, a new job, a health issue, a broken relationship, or your marriage. Whatever miracle you need, make sure to sow this seed in faith and ask God to bless it. 

The Miracle Offering positions our church to grow and unleashes ministry. Over the next few weeks I will cast the vision for our future and talk about a plans for the upcoming year. I am very excited about where God is taking us!

I am asking every person at Avalon Church to give in the Miracle Offering as an expression of love to God this year. We are better together. When everyone does his or her part, we are able to do BIG THINGS for God. I can’t wait to see what God does through us this year! 

Pastor Ritchie