Learning To Live In God’s Favor At Your Job



Many Christians struggle with fully believing in God’s grace. Grace is God’s undeserved, unearned, and unmerited favor and kindness to us. For many believers, the concept of God’s grace concerning salvation is easier to comprehend. If you are a true follower of Christ, then you understand that you can’t earn salvation. It is God’s free gift to us when we trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. But that is where it ends for many Christians. Our tendency is to believe in God’s grace for forgiveness and redemption but to depend on our efforts for everything else. Many have difficulty believing that God wants to give them his favor in other areas of their lives as well. That is understandable since most aspects of human life are based on the merit system. But God’s grace is to be embraced in every area of your life. He wants you to live in shalom or harmony with him. This applies even to your work.  


How can you claim God’s favor at your work? How do you balance the biblical command to work hard with God’s command to rest in his favor? I believe it goes back to our faith in God and our view of who he is. He owns everything, supplies everything, and is the source of all blessings. Do you see God as one who rewards those who diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6) or as a cruel taskmaster that keeps a scorecard of every mistake and every sin? When you truly understand grace, redemption, and reconciliation, then you are able to see how God’s grace applies to every area of your life.


Ruth was a poor Moabite widow who had a lot going against her. Her husband died and she traveled with her mother-in-law to a land where she had never been. She was from a different race in a place that did not take kindly to outsiders. She had no way to support herself financially. At best she could live as a destitute person who gleaned leftover crops from the field. At worst she would live in fear, poverty and utter despair.


But she declared God’s favor over her situation and God blessed her. When we trust in God’s grace our situation changes! (You can read the entire story in Ruth 2:1-13.) God blessed her faith. She eventually married Boaz and from her offspring came kings. The most amazing thing is that Jesus Christ - God in human form - was one of her descendants. Her story is a beautiful picture of God’s grace and how God saves and cares for those who trust in him.


When we see the picture of who God really is, we look at things differently. We no longer see our lack because, in Jesus, we have all the resources we need. Because of Jesus we no longer have to believe that we are not smart enough, strong enough, rich enough, or that our past is too sordid. What you may lack from a human perspective God more than makes up for with his grace. As a believer, you have been freely given the supernatural favor of God! I have seen this principle work in the lives of many believers. I have watched followers of Christ who had criminal records in the past be promoted and given jobs and assignments that normally would not be possible. But God gave them his favor because they trusted in him as their source!


Believing is God’s grace is not wishful thinking. It is not hoping for something that will probably never happen. It is acting in faith. Fully believing in God’s promises to you because of the work of Jesus Christ transforms every part of your life. By faith, you keep your eyes on Jesus so that your circumstances don’t overwhelm you. You don’t see your lack, but you see God's provision. Trust in the favor of God and he will do what you could never do.


When we live with grace as our focus it changes our work. Don’t worry about deserving it, because you don’t. Don’t worry about earning it, because you can’t. Just simply receive it and believe God’s promise to you. The more you become aware of his grace, the more blessed you will be. Then you will begin to live all of your life around the truth of the gospel. The world says, "Do." Jesus says, "Done!" As a blood-bought believer and child of God, you have the supernatural favor of God. Believe it and watch how things begin to change at work.