How You Can Reach The World This Week



This week Avalon Church members have an opportunity to reach the world with the gospel. Our vision is bringing people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a team of Avalon members in Ecuador right now. They are ministering with our ministry partners, Keith and Anita Brock, in Cumbaya, Ecuador. Keith and Anita are planting churches in Ecuador.

We also have Bob and Joanna Graham with us at Avalon Church this Sunday. Bob and Joanna are the founders of Indawo Yethemba in Ashburton, South Africa. Indawo Yethemba means place of hope in Zulu. It is a children’s village for AIDS-affected orphans. Bob will give us an update on Sunday, September 25th. You won’t want to miss it.

Our church partners with both of these ministries in spreading the gospel around the world. How can you reach people around the world and make an impact for Jesus?


1.    Be faithful.

As you are faithful to attend, serve, invite, and give at Avalon you partner with us as we partner with those who take the gospel around the world. The more we grow as a church the greater impact we have in the community and around the world.


2. Give generously.

Giving is about obedience and blessing. When we give, we obey God and he promises to bless us. Not only does God promise to bless your life, but also you get the blessing of knowing that you are impacting the world with the Good News of Jesus.


3.    Serve regularly.

If you are not involved, then the church won’t grow. Your service matters to you and to people all around the world who need Jesus.


4.    Pray.

Pray for our ministry partners. They desperately need our prayers. Stay connected with them on Facebook. Send them encouraging messages. Let them know you love them.


5.    Complete the Next Step classes.

We often say that membership is participation. When you become a covenant member of Avalon Church, you join the team that makes a huge impact. Complete the classes. Sign the covenant. Get involved. Make a difference.

Let’s join together this week to be a blessing!


Pastor Ritchie