Hallelujah! We Are Going To The Super Bowl!


Admit it Falcons Fans. You thought they were just teasing you. They always do. The Falcons have always been able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Surely they wouldn’t get in the playoffs. OK, maybe they would, but they would lose in the first round. Well, they looked good in the first round, but win the NFC Championship? You must be teasing. Then the score was 24 to 0, zip, nada, the old goose egg at halftime. And they didn’t just win; they dominated, humiliated, and destroyed the supposedly unstoppable offense.

Now we are going to the Super Bowl! So don’t ruin it by skipping church! Come to the 9:30 or the 11:00 service. Wear stuff from your favorite team. We will have a blast! And trust me… we need all the help we can get!