The Power of a Personal Invitation



You wield great power. Although you may not feel very powerful, you are. In fact, you hold in your hands the future and eternity of the people in your circle of influence. How so, you ask? It is in the power of a personal invitation.

Research shows that most people say they would come to church if someone would simply invite them. Some research suggests that as many as 9 out of 10 people say they would go to church if they were invited. Whether you believe in the research or not, Jesus told us that we receive power to proclaim the gospel through the Holy Spirit. When you invite people, and bring them to church, they can come and receive Jesus. Think about the people in your life. How many of them would come and receive Jesus if you simply invited them? For people to be saved at church, they must first be at church.

I was youth pastor at a church in Florida for eight years. One of the pastors at that church was great at inviting people to church. He met a sailor who was far from God. He invited the man to attend church. The guy said he would think about it. The next Saturday he invited him again. He did so the next week and the next and the next. The sailor did not come to church, but the pastor kept inviting him every week for over ten years! Finally, he came to church and got saved. He eventually went to Bible college and became a pastor. That is the power of the personal invitation. Never give up! Inviting is evangelism!