The Best is Yet to Come!

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In our culture, it is easy to get a gloom and doom outlook. With mass shootings, political upheaval, tensions between every conceivable group, and the constant bombardment of bad news, one can feel hopeless. But as followers of Christ, we have good news. Jesus wins! The best is yet to come!

We have a bright future!

The Bible tells us that we are citizens of another world. We are simply pilgrims passing through. This world is not our final home. Our home is in heaven with Jesus and the Father. In every conceivable way, followers of Christ have a bright future. Jesus is with you. He provides, protects, blesses, delivers, and fills us with joy. We get all that and heaven too! Don’t let the lies of the enemy get to you. We have much to look forward to!

Jesus will set everything right one day.

Do not despair because of our world and the evil in it. Jesus will put all things right one day. I long for justice and a righteous system that is unsullied and pure. Everyone does, really. No human government will ever give us what we long for. But do not worry. Jesus will rule in perfect righteousness and justice when He comes again. There will be no need to worry about bribes, unfairness, misplaced justice, or evil because Jesus will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus wins!

The gospel of Christ is still the hope of the world.

The hope of the world is not found in government, religion, or religiously imposed laws. It is not found in easy tasks, full bank accounts, or lots of likes on Facebook. It is not found in anything that is temporary. Real hope only comes through Jesus. Yet we often act as if money, education, or politics provide hope for the world. I want a perfect, beautiful, problem-free culture. One day we will get it when King Jesus rules in righteousness and sets all things back to order. But until then God has not called us to live in a sterile land filled with leprechauns and unicorns. He has called us to live three feet from the gates of hell and to attack with the only weapon capable of winning the war – the beautiful, radical, amazing love of the only One who can set us free.  So, let’s get busy sharing the gospel. I’ve read the end of the book and Jesus wins!

Take hope. The best is yet to come!