The Key to Prosperity is Rest



Every person wants to succeed. No matter what your vocation is you want to prosper in it. I believe God has wired us this way. Parents want to succeed in raising their children. Athletes want to succeed in their sport. People want to succeed in their careers. Whatever we do, we want to prosper in it.

The key to prosperity is rest. Yes, hard work is good. God tells us to work for His glory. We are to plan, train, and do our best. But God gives us a secret to success in all we do. We are to rest in Him.

In Genesis chapter two we find a very interesting order of events. After God had worked for “six days” creating, then He rested. He did not rest because He was tired but He rested for our instruction. After He rested, He put mankind in the Garden to “work” and “keep” the Garden of Eden. In chapter one He created everything and gave mankind a blessing and a mandate. We find in chapter two that He rested and then put Adam and Eve to work. This is a very important order. We tend to think that we must work first and rest later. But God teaches us to rest in Him and then work. It is from this inflow of connecting with God that we are empowered to produce the outflow or overflow of resting in Him for our prosperity and work. Our success is rooted in resting in Him for everything.

In Genesis 2:15 God’s Word tells us that he put man and woman in the Garden of Eden “to work it and keep it.” The Hebrew word for “work” is translated 227 times as “serve,” five times as “servant,” five times as “worshippers,” and five times as “work.” The main idea is that we are to serve and worship God through our work. We do this by resting in Him. Resting is an act of worship and faith. It means that we trust in His work, not ours. The best work is done through resting! “Keep” means to “watch” or to be a “watchman.” We are to rest in God and observe His greatness.

I believe the point is that we must learn to rest in God for everything. We rest in Him for grace, salvation, success, spiritual growth, meaning, purpose, and prosperity. It is from this position of faith that we please God. This position frees us from stress, worry, and turmoil. It breaks the sin of pride, self-righteousness, and self-reliance. It frees us to work as worship. It allows us to rest in Him for our provision and prosperity. It frees us from fear over our finances. It allows us to worship Him through bringing our tithes. It creates a spirit of thankfulness and generosity in us. It is the key to biblical prosperity. Biblical prosperity is not just about money. We all know of people who have lots of money who are miserable and troubled by worry, greed, family problems, and personal problems.

I believe that resting is an act of faith. Faith in every area of our lives begins with declaring our trust in God. It begins by admitting that we need God. It begins by throwing ourselves onto His mercy and grace. Before you work, give, plan, train, or strive, try resting in Him. It is the secret to your success.