Four Gifts Every Person Can Have This Christmas



The greatest gift ever given was the gift of Jesus. God gave Him so that we can have salvation and be put in right standing with God. Christmas is a time that we celebrate God’s gift to us. With that in mind, here are four gifts God offers to everyone this Christmas.

The Gift of Laughter

Solomon has been hailed as the wisest man who ever lived. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he gave us great wisdom when he wrote, “A merry heart does us good like a medicine.” Imagine that. Holy Scripture not only allows for merriment, joy, happiness, and laughter, but it encourages it.

Take time to laugh. We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be happy about. Laughter will ease your stress and it will even make you feel better. Spend time with family, friends, coworkers, and your small group. Tell funny stories. Recollect those darn things that the kids said. Watch a funny movie. Tell a joke. Enjoy yourself. It will be an elixir for your soul. It is, after all, the best medicine.

The Gift of Friends

How great is the gift of friends? I thank God for salvation, forgiveness, family, and many other things. But having friends makes everything else better. I imagine trying to go through life without friends is kind of like trying to catch a wild skunk. You might be able to do it, but I doubt it would be worth it. God has designed us to need others. If you need a friend, here are a few suggestions to help you: be friendly, smile a lot, get involved in a ministry at church, ask God to bring the right friends into your life, don’t try too hard, and avoid friendships that damage you. Spend time with your friends at church worshipping God this Sunday. Friends are a special gift to you.

The Gift of Perspective

Perspective changes everything. It is easy to believe the lies that the devil tries to tell you about your life. He says that you are no good, but God says that you have the righteousness of God through Jesus. He tells you that there is no hope, but God sent Jesus to bring you hope and a future. No matter how bad your circumstances, there is hope and joy through Jesus. The devil tries to tell you things are bad, but reading God’s promises in the Bible changes your perspective. God is in control!

The Gift of Forgiveness

Through Jesus Christ, I have been given the gift of forgiveness. Because of His grace, I am redeemed, made new, released from my past, connected to His future, loved, empowered, able to forgive others, and blessed beyond my wildest imaginations. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of forgiveness!

These four gifts are available to you this Christmas. They don’t cost you anything because Jesus already paid for them through His finished work on the cross. Get busy celebrating these gifts this Christmas and you will have the best Christmas ever!