Thank God for Coffee!

coffee bed.jpg



Have you ever stopped just to say thank you to God for the simple things in life? We often overlook the obvious blessings because we are so used to them. Have you ever thanked God for fingernails? What about beautiful smells? Have you ever stopped to think how much richer life is simply because you can smell beautiful things? Have you ever thanked Him for your bed? Do you know how many people in the world do not have one? Life is so rich and so blessed. Don’t forget to thank God for the little things.

So here is one I want to thank God for – coffee! Man, I love coffee. I love the routine of preparing the water and the freshly ground beans each morning for my French Press. I love the smell. I mean I really love the smell of coffee in the morning. I love how the first taste feels on my tongue. I love the rich, dark, amber liquid. It feels like I am sipping the nectar of the gods. Coffee in the morning is awesome! It is also good in the afternoon.

What about you? What little things are you thankful for?