Inviting People To Church Works!


Every Sunday at Avalon Church we experience the power of inviting others to church. Many people come to Christ because you invite them. It is amazing how God has used so many of you in the past couple of weeks to bring others to hear the gospel!

A young man got saved two weeks ago in one of our services. He received an invitation to our church nearly eight years ago! God has been working in his life and he remembered that invitation. Another family visited that had been invited seven months earlier at a HOPE event! Many others came to Christ because you invited them. Keep on inviting. Don’t give up or get discouraged. Sometimes it takes a while but if you keep on inviting, God will answer your prayers.

Many Christians get intimidated by sharing their faith. But conversations about the Good News should be natural and sharing your faith should be an organic experience.  Following what the Bible teaches brings great joy. Jesus told His disciples that when the Holy Spirit controlled them they would have great boldness.

The Bible shows many ways that people shared their faith. There is really no “bad” way to share your faith.  One of the most effective ways is to partner with the church by inviting others.  The church is your partner in bringing the Good News to your family, friends, and the world.  God never intended for you to be without a church family, and he never intended for you to have to bear the burden alone of spreading the Good News. 

Inviting Is Evangelism.

Everyone can invite someone to church. Philip was one of Christ’s disciples and he bought his friend Nathanael to Jesus.  He simply said, “Come and see what I have found.”

Inviting friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to attend a church service, a small group, or a special event is effective. Inviting comes naturally and does not require any special training. You simply ask. When you are excited about what God has done in your life, you want others to know your story. Invite them to hear the music, to hear a sermon series, to attend a special day or big event, to check out the children’s programs, or simply to come to church and have lunch with you afterward.

Don’t stop inviting people. God will use you to make an impact and to reach people! Inviting is evangelism! We saw it this past Sunday. Keep up the good work!