Happy Birthday To An Amazing Woman!



Happy Birthday to Kim! Her birthday is this week! She was born on February 9th in the year of none of your business! She has been an amazing partner in every sense of the word. She is not perfect, but she has been perfect for me. God knew this and made us the exact right fit for each other. She has been amazing. She has been faithful, encouraging, compassionate, and an exemplary leader. Here are a few important dates in her life:

  • 1982 – graduated high school and started dating me!

  • 1984 – got engaged at Christmas

  • 1986 – graduated college with a degree in music, got   married, and started at our first church as youth pastor

  • 1988 – started working at our second church as youth pastor

  • 1989 – Brittney was born

  • 1991 – Brandon was born

  • 1995 – Brooke was born, we moved to Georgia, started at our first church as senior pastor

  •  1999 – helped me start a traveling speaking ministry and evangelistic association

  • 2001 – co-founder of Avalon Church

  • 2001 – Present – served as an amazing pastor’s wife, pastor, and leader at Avalon Church

Kim, you have been an example to many, a friend to all, and an influence for God’s Kingdom. You have encouraged me when I was down, lifted me when I was weak, walked beside me when I felt like quitting, protected my back from all attacks, and loved me deeply at all times. You were there when I deserved love and when I did not. You have stayed in the game when we were under attack and your light has shined brightly through good times and bad. You are an amazing person, Christian, wife, mom, pastor’s wife, pastor, leader, and friend. You have made every day a good day. I am better for having known you and having loved you. May God bless you in the same way that you have blessed me. May he bless you in the same way you have blessed others. If he does that, then your cup will overflow indeed.

I love you. Happy Birthday!