The Struggle for the Leader’s Mind


There is a battle for your mind raging around you every day. 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (NLT) Every leader must fight the war no matter what leadership platform you have; parent, neighbor, spouse, manager, employee, business leader, or church leader. There are four big struggles we must deal with on a regular basis.


The Battle with Doubt


Satan used doubt as a weapon against Eve in the Garden of Eden. He deviously asked her, “Did God really say that?” He has used disbelief ever since. Although having questions is not a sin, disbelief is. Disbelief is doubting God’s Word, his promises, and declarations. Your enemy the devil will fill you with doubt if you do not use the shield of faith to protect yourself. Faith offsets the temptation to operate in unbelief. Faith is often tied to our words and declarations. Start speaking words filled with faith in God’s promises when you deal with doubt.


The Battle with Discouragement


I have never known God to use a discouraged person in a great way. We all get discouraged. But when we live there constantly, it affects us negatively. The opposite of discouragement is courage. Courage is necessary to advance, grow, win, and protect. The Bible tells us that King David, “Encouraged himself in the Lord.” When you feel the fires of discouragement, turn your heart toward Jesus. Read the Bible. Repeat God’s promises daily by memorizing encouraging scriptures. Pray. Talk to a friend who will lift you and help you.


The Battle with Distraction


Sometimes is it not sinful things that ruin our careers, family lives, or personal lives. It is a lack of focus. An army will not win a war if it has no focused battle plan or mission. A football team can’t move the ball down the field if every teammate is not on the same page, running the same play. Distractions can come in many forms. It may come from mission or vision drift, which happens when we fail to focus on our mission and don’t fight to stay on target with our cause. Other times it can come from trying to do too many things. Less is more when waging war against distraction.


The Battle with Deception


How can you know and follow what is true? Our culture offers many different versions of truth and many alternatives to absolutes. The problem with saying, “There is no absolute truth,” is that is an absolute statement. It can’t possibly be true logically because it is a self-defeating statement. I believe there is truth. Jesus said that he is the truth, and if you know the truth, then it will set you free. Many leaders become deceived when they stray away from the truth, whether it is truth based on your mission and vision, or whether it is a spiritual truth. The Bible speaks about many ways of being deceived. One of the greatest ways, however, is being deceived by our circumstances and doubting the promises of Jesus. Don’t doubt him. Don’t be deceived. Stay the course and you will win the battle for your mind.