How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation


From the beginning of humanity, God gave us an important principle for successful living. He wants us to prioritize the proper rest and restoration. God created the universe and then rested on the seventh day. God does not get tired but shows us that we should rest in him. In fact, one of the Ten Commandments states that we should take a Sabbath day. I often say that you can get more done in six days than in seven by trusting God’s grace. Resting in Him is the only way to true rest and rejuvenation.

This principle of giving God first place is found throughout Scripture. God wants to be first in our relationships, our time, and our finances. Without putting God first spiritually, we fail to experience the kind of physical restoration we so desperately need.

If you do not practice this principle, then you will take a vacation but you will not find any true rest. This ultimate rest is tied to worshipping and trusting God. It is easy to get out of the habits that help us during the summer. Your schedule is different. Your routines are different. As such, it is easy to stop doing the things that are vital to renewal.

This summer I want to challenge you to find real rest by staying faithful to worship God. How do we do this?

1.    Vacation but don’t quit.

Take a vacation but do not go on vacation from God. When you are in town, stay faithful to come to church and worship. It is often easy to lie in bed and skip this important part of your Christian life. Don’t allow your time away to become a bad habit of skipping church.

2.    Rest without walking away.

Make sure that you rejuvenate, but also determine that you will continue to serve during the summer. When you are away, find a replacement for your volunteer ministry position. I am not suggesting that you need to skip your vacation to serve at church, but I am saying that you need to serve during the summer when you are not on vacation. We certainly need you, but to be honest, you need it more. It is vital that you stay connected to your area of service and to the people in your small group and ministry team.

3.    Maintain your spiritual disciplines.

Stay faithful to read the Bible, pray, and give. Take time on your vacation to say thanks. I think it is incredibly powerful when you are at the beach, the mountains, looking at the stars, or spending time with family and friends to spend some time being thankful to God. When you are in “non-working mode” is a great time to reflect, and remember how good God is and what things are most important in life.

Be faithful in your giving. This is an incredible act of worship. You can automate your giving at This helps you stay connected to God’s blessings and helps us maintain the ministry of Avalon Church even while you are away.

I hope you have a restful, rejuvenating summer!

Pastor Ritchie