How to be a Volunteer Superhero in 2018




A hero is someone who displays courage, makes extraordinary achievements, and is a role model for others. You can be a hero in 2018 by being a volunteer at Avalon Church! I believe all of our volunteers are heroes, but there are some that are superheroes because of the way they lead, the boldness they display by serving, the lives they touch, and the discipleship model they display to others. You may not know it yet, but there is a superhero in each of us!

To reach your potential and maximize your influence, I believe that attending Involve is a must. “What is Involve,” you ask? It is the special vision-casting, training, and appreciation gathering from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Avalon Church on Saturday, January 20th. We will have a powerful time of worship. I will bring a special message that is exclusively for those who want to step up, have a great year, take new ground, become a better leader, get inspired, and get filled with purpose and direction for 2018. This motivating and encouraging message will be exclusively for those at Involve. It will not be recorded, it will not be posted, and it will not be repeated. I really want you to hear it and you really need to hear it! The main part of the gathering will be our ministry-specific breakout sessions. We will offer several different options for you. Obviously, you will want to go to the training associated with your ministry, but you can check out others as well. At the end of the gathering, we will have lunch and will present our “Avi Awards” for our volunteers of the year.

Involve is not just for people who currently volunteer in a ministry at Avalon. It is also for anyone who wants to check it out and for anyone who is considering serving and volunteering in a ministry. I hope to see you at Involve!


Pastor Ritchie