Four Reasons You Should Laugh Often



You may have never heard anyone say, “Laughter leads to success.” In fact, many successful people have little sense of humor. No one wants to hear the President of the United States begin the State of the Union address with, “Two guys walked into a bar…” But have you ever wondered why God gave humans the ability to laugh? Laughter is a uniquely human trait. So why did God give us a “funny bone?” What is so important about laughter? 

King Solomon, considered one of the wisest men who ever lived, wrote, “a merry heart does us good like a medicine.” Imagine that. Holy Scripture not only allows for merriment and laughter but also encourages it. 

Psychologists have studied laughter and have discovered some amazing benefits. I believe that these benefits spill over into our personal and professional lives and empower us to be more successful at work, in life, and in relationships. 


Laughter benefits you physically

Laughter brings many physical benefits. It releases endorphins and dopamine, which aid your emotions and your mood. It improves mental and physical balance. Laughter leads to greater relaxation and helps reduce pain and stress. In a very real sense laughter does your body good like a medicine. When you are healthier physically, you can perform better at work.


Laughter benefits you mentally 

The cognitive benefits of laughter manifest in several ways. It leads to greater creativity. It strengthens your problem-solving ability, which enables you to be better at your job. Laughter helps lower stress and enhances your memory, which gives you a sharper mind for tacking tough jobs. 


Laughter benefits you emotionally

 Laughter improves the dynamics of personal relationships. It is important to note that the kind of laughter I am talking about comes from human interaction. Laughing while watching a television show alone probably does not have the same effect. But when you laugh while interacting with your spouse, friends, or coworkers it gives you a positive sense of connection. It connects you emotionally, elevates your mood, increases your self-esteem, and improves your attitude and outlook. Laughing will reduce your stress and increase your optimism and hope. 


Laughter benefits you socially

Laughing will help you bond with your family and friends. It strengthens marriages and other close relationships. But make sure it does not come at the other’s expense. Laugh with them not at them. 

This will help strengthen the emotional connection with others and will lead to a stronger bond. 

I hope you will take time to laugh. Laughter can improve you emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. These improvements can lead to greater opportunities for success professionally and personally. So, spend time with family and friends. Tell funny stories. Recollect those darn things the kids said. Watch a funny movie together. Tell a joke. It will be an elixir for your soul and could be the very medicine you need.