Take Time to be Thankful


This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. I think every day should be Thanksgiving for a Christian. If you are like most of us, you are probably really busy getting ready for a family gathering over Thanksgiving dinner. We buy stuff, cook stuff, decorate stuff, try to finish our list before the end of our workday, and make plans for a trip to see family. The one thing we often fail to do is take the time to be thankful. We even get impatient with the long-winded prayer before we stuff our faces and waddle to the couch to watch football between naps. (Here is a practical tip for all the overeaters: wear pants with an elastic waistband. It pays to be prepared!)

In all the hustle and bustle, take a few minutes this week and write down ten things you are thankful for and then share it with someone. We all have way more than ten things to be thankful for. Here is my list:

  • Jesus 

  • Salvation

  • My amazing family

  • The amazing people of Avalon Church 

  • I am thankful I got to start and pastor Avalon Church

  • Good friends that have helped shape my life

  • Health

  • Freedom

  • That God has provided a house, food, and clothing for me while many in the world are in need

  • The future – I am excited about what comes next!

What will you put on your list?