Creating a Culture of Grace



At Avalon Church we want to create a grace culture. We strive to teach and preach the gospel of God’s grace. We believe that salvation is entirely of God’s grace to us through Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. Grace is God’s kindness and favor to us. It is unearned, unmerited, and undeserved. We are gospel-rooted, and our vision is bringing people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Not only do we want to teach God’s grace, we also want to show God’s grace to others. We show grace to others through kindness, respect, attitude, cooperation, and encouragement. If we truly believe in receiving grace from God, then we will express it to others too. 

How can we show grace or kindness to others? 

·     Show up on time.Get here in time to check in, get coffee, and speak to some friends. Be in your seat when the music starts. That is kind to others and kind to yourself. It allows you to get the entire experience of worship with a gathering of believers.

·     Stay until the end of the service.This shows respect to people who are making spiritual decisions and lets them know that you are excited about their next steps. 

·     Be friendly.Go out of your way to greet new people and shake their hand. This is everyone’s job, not just the Guest Services Team and the ushers. We want to create a welcoming culture that is warm, friendly, and accepting of others. Many people never receive a kind word all week at home or at work. The world’s culture breeds disrespect, but we can show the love of Jesus by respecting others and loving them by paying attention to them. Be kind. Smile. 

·     Serve.When you show up ready to serve others, you reflect the grace and love of Jesus. Volunteers are the lifeblood of a local congregation. Without great volunteers a church can’t fulfill the mission given to us by Jesus – loving people and bringing them into a growing relationship with Jesus. God designed the church to be a living, growing body not an organization or club. That is why the Bible employs metaphors like a body, a flock, and a family to describe the church. Volunteering has many benefits to you personally as well. It allows us to fulfill Jesus’ command to serve. It connects us and makes us feel like a part of a team. It helps us develop deep relationships. It fulfills us and gives an avenue to fulfill our purpose. Treat your volunteer ministry as a priority. Showing up on time for your pre-service meeting is essential. This allows you to pray with your team and get ready to serve others. 

·     Assist people who are new.Don’t just tell them where the children’s area is, walk with them. It is the job of every member. Your attitude should always be positive and friendly. Answer their questions. If you don’t know the answer take them to your team leader or a staff member. 

·     Celebrate.When you celebrate baptism, salvation, and other spiritual decisions, you let people know that you care. Be an encourager of people! Participate in worship. Take advantage of the children’s and student’s ministries. This helps your children celebrate Jesus and creates an atmosphere of worship without distraction.

·     See the big picture.The ultimate win happens when we serve and love others. A great program is good, but it is not the vital win. Always be prepared to help outside of your area of ministry. Remember that the vision is for the whole church not just your particular area of ministry.

This helps us grow in a culture of grace. Together we will bring people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Avalon Church is the perfect place for imperfect people.It is not just a slogan. It is who we are!