Finding Community at Avalon Church


Throughout Church history, small groups of people have gathered to discuss scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the early home churches started by the apostles, to Southern Baptist Sunday School, small groups have been influential in the development of the believer’s life. At Avalon Church, we continue this institution. Life is meant to be lived together. From the start, we are born with a longing for community with other people. Avalon Small Groups are born of this tradition of growing disciples through intimate study and the God-given need to be in a community.

One of our value statements as a church is “We're Better Together.” This applies not only to church services but our lives outside the church walls. From the creation of the Church in Acts 1 to our modern gatherings in 2018, God has created his Church to be a unified family. One of the best ways to find community at Avalon Church is through small groups. There are countless stories of the impact groups have had on our members’ lives. Lives are changed from finding friends, discovering a sense of belonging, and growing spiritually. Growth happens when a group of believers comes together to pray over one another. I have heard countless stories of how God answered those prayers miraculously. This causes people to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. Now, God does not need a small group of people in order to work in our lives. He chooses to meet us in that realm and uses small groups to connect us as a spiritual family.


I was talking with one of our members earlier this week. Her husband had recently been in an accident and was at the hospital awaiting discharge. She described the accident to me. As she went through what she witnessed, she kept going back to something that I found interesting. She said that without her small group and other church members being there to assist in the aftermath of the accident, she does not know how her family would have fared. She credited her church family with the comfort her family felt in such a stressful and scary situation. She said it still surprises her that she is a part of a group of people who genuinely love each other and walk out that love when it matters most.

            This story captures our vision for Avalon Small Groups. Our desire is for everyone at Avalon to have this same kind of experience. You can find life in community by simply emailing with your name, email, and phone number. You can also stop by Next Step Central on Sunday morning, and someone will be there to guide you.

            True community and life change are available when we walk alongside our church family in Small Groups at Avalon Church.


Justin McIntyre
Connections Pastor