Don’t Miss Football Sunday at Avalon Church!



On February 3rd we will have one service at 10:30 to celebrate Football Sunday at Avalon Church. Our purpose is simple: we want to use Super Bowl Sunday to reach people for Christ! Since this Sunday is a big day in the American culture, we want to leverage it for Jesus. 

Here is our plan. We will have a BIG combined service with lots of great music and fun. We will hear the testimony of a current NFL player (on video). We will also have live testimonies on stage of three football players who will share their stories. They will talk about second chances, being prepared for opportunities, and what to do when God changes your plans. You will get to meet former NFL players and Super Bowl champions. And to make it even more fun, we will have a former Georgia Tech player and a former Georgia player. We will have opportunities for photos, autographs, and lots more. In addition, we will have a kicking contest for the kids in Avalon Kids and will give away fun-sized footballs to every kid in Avalon Kids on that Sunday. 

We will have lots of fun and you will definitely want to be here. Let’s remember that our purpose, however, is to reach people and see them saved. So, make sure to invite as many people as possible on that day.