Celebrate the Win with Us!

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No matter who you were rooting for in the Super Bowl, we all shared in a big win at Avalon Church on Football Sunday. It was a great day in every aspect. First of all, we saw 20 people receive Christ as their Savior and 10 people follow Christ in believer’s baptism! What a win that was! In addition, the energy was great, the attendance was tremendous, and your participation was off the charts. I want to say a HUGE thank you to our panelists, Chris Edwards, Josh Gordy, and Robert Edwards. Your stories were uplifting and Christ-honoring. I can’t wait until next year!

Of course, the win for us is not just special days but every Sunday. When people take their next steps – salvation; baptism; joining the church, a small group, or a ministry team; reading the Bible; praying; growing in generosity; inviting others to church; stepping into leadership; and many other steps – we all win. I want to thank you for your faithfulness. Without your faithfully taking your next steps every week, we would not experience what God is doing in our church right now. The best is yet to come!

I hope you will join us this Sunday at Avalon Church. I will continue our series God’s Rules for Better Relationships.I will deal with the principle of honor. This is a huge need in our culture today. How can you bring honor even when you don’t feel honored? What does God promise to do for you when you honor others? You won’t want to miss this important and helpful message.  

I love you and I will see you on Sunday!


Pastor Ritchie