Remember the Why


 Remembering why you do what you do is essential to the success of any organization. The what and how are important, but the why is the most important. This is true of restaurants, technology companies, and car dealerships. It is especially true of a church. 

At Avalon Church our why is bringing people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We exist to reach people for Christ. We exist to reach all kinds of people, even those who do not look like us, live like us, or believe like us. We exist to bring every person we reach into a growing relationship with Jesus.That is why we say, “Your next step is your most important step.”  

Here are a few things to remember about our vision:

  • We must stick with it at all times and in every ministry. The path to reaching the vision - the programming and plans - will change from time to time. The vision, however, must always stay the same.

  • We must own it. It takes a team. Everyone must do his or her part. My goal is for all the members of Avalon is to own the vision so we can live it together.

  • I have to repeat it often because vision leaks. Just ask people who come to our church to articulate the vision and you might be surprised at what you hear. It bears repeating…often.

  • It determines our philosophy of ministry. Everything we do must be seen through the lens of our vision. Every ministry. Every program. Every event. Vision drives everything. That is why we do church the way we do - music, programming, and preaching. 

As we approach Easter @ Avalon, I hope you will remember why we do what we do and why we ask you to get involved. This is a great time to carry out the vision together so we can reach many people for Christ.