Why Children’s Ministry Must be a Priority



At Avalon Church our vision is bringing people, wherever they are, into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are about reaching people. We are about reaching people wherever they are. The church is to be a place that reaches people who need Jesus. It is a hospital for the sick, a lighthouse to protect us from the rocks, not a country club for insiders. Part of “wherever they are” includes children’s ministry.

Did you know that over 80% of people who receive Christ do so before their 16thbirthday? Think of that statistic. It is incredible. It also shows how incredibly important children’s ministry is. Here are a few reasons why you should serve in Avalon Kids:

1.    It is the most effective way to reach people for Christ. 

If you are serious about fulfilling God’s purpose to bring people to Christ, then children’s ministry is an obvious choice. It can make the greatest impact of all. 

2.    Children are a priority. 

Children are important to all of us. Their growth, health and development are priorities. But the greatest priority is their relationship to Jesus Christ. Children are important to us at Avalon Church. In my opinion, it is the most important ministry in the church. 

3.    Children’s ministry allows you to make an incredible impact. 

Think of how important the impact you make on a child is. You may influence a future president, senator, inventor, entertainer, athlete, business owner, doctor, lawyer, parent, missionary, or pastor. Think about that for a moment. Someone influenced Billy Graham. What if you influenced the child that would one day reach your grandchildren for Jesus?

4.    Children’s ministry brings out your creativity. 

Your creativity was given to you by God. You may not think you are very creative, but when you influence children, you become more creative and you think differently. 

5.    Children’s ministry helps you learn. 

One of the greatest ways to learn something is to be forced to teach it. It causes you to think. When dealing with children, you are forced to think outside the box because they ask so many questions. Sometimes they ask questions you don’t know the answer to and sometimes they ask questions that force you to restructure how you say things. That helps you know it better!

6.    Children’s ministry is fun!

Many people think that children’s ministry is no more than baby-sitting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children’s ministry molds kids in the image of Christ and it is down-right fun!

7.    Children’s ministry gives great rewards. 

I have been in ministry long enough now to reap the rewards of seeing children become adults and follow Jesus on their own, not just because parents make them go to church. It is incredibly rewarding to have people come back and thank you for investing in them many years ago. 

I want to challenge you to pray for our children and our volunteers. They are the lifeblood of Avalon Church. Perhaps you will consider investing into our kids. While it is true that they are the future church, it is more accurate to say that they are the young church of today.