Make Little, Wise Choices

You can’t control everything in your life. Many things that are out of your control like the weather, traffic, interruptions, the college football fanatic with bad breath at your job, and the list is probably infinite. But there are many things that you do control like the attitude you choose and the seemingly insignificant but important choices you make each day.

You may not realize it, but your success each day depends on making little, wise choices. Big decisions are important, but let’s face it, we don’t make the big choices as often as we make the little ones. Choosing to get saved, get married, buy a house, get an education, join a church, or finding a career path are immeasurably important, but we don’t make those choices every day. But little, wise choices determine your success over a long period of time. Here are a few simple but wise choices you can make regularly that will make a huge difference in your life.


Start Your Day with God

I have learned that worshipping God at the beginning of my day gives me strength and passion. Reading scripture and praying, even if just for a few minutes, helps me. It may sound counterintuitive to spend even a few minutes doing that when you are tired or busy, but I have found that it strengthens me even when I am tired and busy. One of our members told me that he has “coffee with God” every morning. I like that. Making this little, wise choice makes a big difference and contributes to your success.


Choose a Good Attitude

There are many things I can’t control as a pastor. Sunday comes every week. I have to be ready. I have no control over great portions of my schedule. People get sick, die, get married, and have emergencies without ever consulting my schedule. I have meetings to lead and work that requires my attention every week. But one thing I get to choose every day is what attitude I will have. I can’t always control my circumstances, but I can always control which attitude I choose.

I have a dear friend named Tim Lee. He is an evangelist and our church gives financial support to his ministry as one of our missionary endeavors. Several times a year he speaks to the newest graduating class of U.S. Marines. Tim was a Marine during the Vietnam War and he stepped on a land mine and lost both of his legs. For many years he has sat in a wheelchair as he preaches and ministers all around the world. He told me once that he starts every day by thanking God for his wheelchair and for losing his legs. God has opened many doors of opportunity because of his service and sacrifice. He can’t control his circumstances, but he chooses the right attitude every day. What a testimony and challenge to us!


Choose Faith over Worry

Worry drains the energy and life out of you. It uses a lot of energy. We only have so much energy. I can choose to not waste my limited energy by trusting in God’s grace and choosing to trust him rather than worrying. You must practice not worrying. It comes through faith. But you can get good at giving God your worries when you remember that he cares for you. The more you rest in his grace the more energy you have.

Peter was a disciple of Jesus and later was one of the leading apostles in the church that started in Jerusalem after Jesus resurrected. He constantly faced challenges in the church, persecution, imprisonment, and eventually was crucified for his faith. I am sure he knew what it was like to face worry, fear, and a lack of control over his circumstances. He wrote this under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)


Choose Worship

I have said before and I’ll say it again, success begins on Sundays. I truly believe that. Going to church greatly energizes me. You are probably thinking that going to church is my job, but that isn’t my primary motivation. Corporate worship invigorates me and helps me get through the week. The sense of community I get by coming together with other believers and experiencing the presence and power of God is one of the most encouraging, life-giving, and energizing things I can do. People often share with me that before they came to church, they were tired, frustrated, and discouraged. But after they experienced the power of Christian community, worship, and the teaching of God’s Word, they felt better and were glad that they came to church. I believe in the power of gathering as believers when we focus on Jesus.

So, make little, wise choices every day and every week. They may seem small, but they produce big results. By making these simple choices regularly, you will find yourself on the road to success. Choose wisely today!