Make a Plan Now for the Miracle Offering


Have you ever noticed that the only things you do consistently well are the things you plan to do? I have a plan to exercise. I work out five mornings a week, normally at 5:00 AM. Do you want to know how I am consistent doing that? I plan it. I have discovered that if I don’t plan something, I normally don’t do it. I never started saving money for retirement until I planned to do it. Whether it is exercising, saving money, living on a budget, going to church, eating a healthy diet, or bringing the tithe, we normally only do what we plan to do. If we don’t plan it, no matter how good our intentions are, we just don’t do it.

I want to encourage you to start praying and making a plan now for our annual Miracle Offering. The better you plan, the better prepared you will be. Kim and I start planning each January for the Miracle Offering in December. We are able to give far more by planning and saving each month, than we could if we waited until December to start thinking about it.

 Many of you are familiar with the Miracle Offering. For those who are new to Avalon Church, here is what the annual Miracle Offering is.


What is the Miracle Offering?

·      It is a faith offering over and above your regular giving.

·      It is an expression of love and thankfulness.

·      It is planting seeds for God to grow you and do miracles for you and through you.

·      It is a time for everyone to participate, no matter the size of the gift.

·      It is a time to pray about your offering! Ask God to reveal the amount to you.


Why should you participate in the Miracle Offering?

·      To fund our vision. We believe our best days are ahead of us!

·      To grow the church. The Miracle Offering helps fund ministry. We invest in the lives of children, teenagers, and adults in our church, community, and around the world.

·      To receive a miracle. A miracle is something only God can do. We believe by planting a seed offering in faith, God will open doors, bless you, and bless your health, family, work, and finances.

·      To grow your faith! So many have experienced God-sized miracles!


The 2019 Miracle Offering will be on December 8th. Start praying and planning now and watch how God blesses you!