Avalon Church Goes 90’s


This summer Avalon Church will go back in time to the 90’s. Boo-ya! Talk to the hand! Seriously, our services will be more fun than you are allowed to have in church. We will have a blast at the beginning of each service with sing-alongs with 90’s songs, games, 90’s video clips of TV shows and movies, trivia contests, giveaways, and all kinds of fun. The building will be decorated with 90’s themed colors and graphics. This would be a good time to determine to arrive on time since you will miss all the fun stuff if you are not in your seat as the service starts. 

Avalon Church Goes 90’s is going to be totally banging, because like, dude, it is so back in the day. Word! Make sure to bring a friend. Peace out. (I promise not to be so lame with my 90’s references during my sermons)