Grave Robber.jpg

The Grave Robber

When Jesus walked the earth he proved through his many miracles that he is the Son of God. He demonstrated his power over creation, sickness, sin, and Satan. And like the director of a grand orchestra, he saved the best for last when he showed his power over death itself. He raised a widow’s son, a leader’s daughter, and a dear friend who was struck down in the prime of life. He reversed the ultimate consequence of sin when he walked out of his own grave. He is the grave robber.

The miracles of Jesus are not only about the past, but also the present. They don’t only demonstrate what he did but what he still does. He still works miracles. He still brings dead things back to life. All he asks is that we believe in the Grave Robber.

Join us for this seven-week series as Pastor Ritchie Miller teaches us about how our faith in Jesus makes the impossible possible.